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Stygian's Honor (Breeds, #27)

Stygian's Honor (Breeds, #27) - Lora Leigh This story brings together Stygian a wolf breed and Liza Johnson from the Navajo reserve. This follows an over arching storyline involving Jonas Wyatt the Breed Director and his search for a cure to help his adopted baby daughter. Time is critical and her mysterious illness is getting worse. The main focus in this edition is the search for the lab victims of the Genetic Council Honor Roberts, Fawn, Gideon and Judd. The trail leads to an incident that happened ten years ago in a canyon in the Navajo territory and the secrets the elders of the tribe are trying to keep buried.

For me, this story dragged in the first half due to the struggle of Liza to deny and fight the mating heat with Stygian. She also has a secret that is a game changer in the series and coming to terms with this new realization. Fortunately the action picks up in the second half and the wolf gets his girl, like they really have any choice. LL's love scenes just have a little TMI for me and admit I have to speed scan thru the details after the first round to two. After the pre-spurting starts I had to make a dash thru the words...