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Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout Rate: ★★★1/2

Review: I have read the 3 books in the YA Lux series and of two alien races, the Arum are portrayed as deadly alien killers and seem to hunt the Luxen to extract their source energy to feed and also use humans as secondary sources with no regard to their lives. The Luxen are bright creatures of light, can heal, etc. and the Arum are opposite, total dark and sinister. Total bad guys and it is seems that the DOD is working with both races to keep control of each.

Soooo, Obsession takes a look on the other side of evil veil... Serena's best friend Mel was targeted by the Luxen after overhearing a conversation between the twin sons of the Colorado Senator, also Luxen. After meeting Serena and discussing her fears, Serena witnesses the Luxen using his powers to kill Mel. The police and DOD listen to her story and it appears the DOD sends the Arum Hunter to protect her. The cold and uncaring Hunter quickly becomes attracted to Serena and finds himself going against his DOD orders to eliminate her.

This is a Jennifer Armintrout adult novel, so the romance scenes are steamy. The relationship is just a little awkward because of the Arum's nature, but I liked seeing more than the alien thugs that are portrayed in the Lux novels. They really do have strong family ties and friendships, and several having relationships with humans. Anxious to see if this will be a stand alone novel or become a series with the big reveal that was uncovered of the upper echelon Luxen's plans. I had high expectations for this book, but some parts were just meh for me along with a few "oh come on, really" moments. As easily as the Arum are dusted in the Lux novels by teenagers, I find it amazing at how easily the Luxen fall to Hunter unless he is just that bad a$$.