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Tiger Magic (Shifters Unbound, #5)

Tiger Magic (Shifters Unbound, #5) - Jennifer Ashley Another great edition to the Shifter Unbound series. JA never disappoints me. Tiger has to be one of the most tortured heroes in any of the shifter worlds I've read. Grown in a lab, tested, tortured and deprived of most interaction, he has been relocated to the Austin shiftertown and trying to find his place. Since the lab that created him was destroyed, there is no history or records of of his origin or purpose. The shifter bureau and other pack leaders feel the world would be safer if he no longer exists. He is so different from the other shifters and has special abilities that scares all the other shifters except the cubs he is willing to protect ferociously. He appears in his future mate's life just it is up-ended by her fiancé.

I really enjoy this series and your heart just goes out to this socially awkward alpha as he struggles to fit in and not be killed. Parts of this book made me so angry because he is so maliciously hurt over and over, I had to just breathe and remind myself "it's just a fictional character"... Lucky for Tiger he met up with a mate that was equally smitten with him and completely defended this odd shifter. I think I like this style of writing because it creates another species and then the author throws all these typical prejudices that we face day to day and it really sucks you in makes you feel all passionate and ready to fight for these abused shifters.