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Entwined with You (Crossfire, #3)

Entwined with You (Crossfire, #3) - Sylvia Day Rate: ★★★1/2

This picks up right after the drama and cliff-hanger of the 2nd book in the series. Eva and Gideon are still madly in love and having to overcome the big events and the fall out. These are both two very damaged individuals dealing with a lot of childhood abuse issues and how those issues manifested in adulthood with their sexual habits and appetites. Both are still dealing with their relationship insecurities and trust issues. They still seem to be able to save each other and support the issues they have. The Exes are still popping up and circling around the edges, but it seems like they are going to work past it this time. We also get Cary and several side character stories woven thru too for some added drama.

There was a lot of sex-capades in this edition to the point it got to be a little too much and distracted from the storyline IMO. I really enjoyed the first two books and preferred them over the 50 series, but this one unfortunately fell a little short. This was also suppose to be the 3rd and final in this trilogy but has been extended a few more books (cha ching$$)... Which I think made this one feel like a filler book and didn't really add much but stretched the storyline out more.