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Nightfall (Dark Age Dawning, #1) - Ellen Connor 3 1/2 stars.

Jenna's normal life just ended. The crazy man that preaches about the end of the world and has a group of followers preparing for the end of days, was her father Mason. Just happens that her father's prophesied events were correct and before he died he had one of his soldiers Mitch promise to save his daughter. Jenna finds herself kidnapped tossed in her car trunk and whisked away to Mitch's cabin in the woods. Then all the crazy happens, the world shuts down, no power or electronic devices work, all birds and animals disappear and zombie dogs are attacking the population of humans. Mitch hopes to keep her safe in his isolated and well stocked cabin until survivors discover their location and the game plan must change.

Thought the concept of the book creative but the world building didn't come together smoothly at first. The attraction and relationship development seemed awkward in the beginning and the pairings happened a tad too easily. With the twist and turns this storyline took down a pretty dark and violent path it all pulled together into an interesting read. Definitely plan on continuing this series.