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Hit List - Laurell K. Hamilton Really torn on this one. It was better than the last, but still had more of the same... Probably more like 2 1/2 Stars. Little more plot, this one is more Anita and her Marshall buddies, and not set in St Louis which tends to become orgy central as of late. I am torn since I really liked the beginning of this series and it was one of my all time favs, and reviews had compared this to her earlier books. Unfortunately it fell a little short for me but better I guess in summary.

Here is the IMO rant on the Anita series... Its fallen into a pattern of Anita's hang ups... Again, self absorbed in her looks, her insecurities and needy for all her harem of guys telling her she is beautiful... Choke! Then she acts all offended when she gets no respect from her colleagues because of her sleazy ways, but with the volume of "visitors" she has had personally and even professionally... come on... She needs to get over herself and get back to solving good crimes and kicking butt... And regaining the confidence she once had, and not with all her worry over what guys think about her, how she looks, how they look, NO she is not like a guy, she is all girlie, sorry!

...and she needs to get over her succubusness and settle back in with just a couple of her guys like Nathaniel, Mica and Jean Claude... That's it... No more Richard, No more Jason flings and threesomes, No more Asher almost loving her to death again... and no more any new guy that comes onto the scene and has to take care of the ardeur... No more animals to call, no more vampire brides, no more three way power kicks... I think the recent books lack plot because she spends 1/2 the book making her rounds servicing all her guys... I really liked her first 5 or 6 books in the series, then she kind of de-railed herself with the vampire politics and ardeur stuff...