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Demon's Quest (High Demon #4)

Demon's Quest (High Demon #4) - Connie Suttle This series is sooooo addictive along with the BLOOD DESTINY series. It's like an outer space soap opera.

I struggle with the main heroine Reah. She is kick ass then a door mat, saves a planet then turns insecure and takes off to hide. In this future universe there are vampires, were wolves, shifters, demons, warlocks and powerful giant blue guys known as Larentii She is still dealing with her abusive upbringing and family which makes her strong yet vulnerable and afraid to trust. She grows more into her powers and reunites with a few of her estranged mates. In this future universe females are rare and have multiple mates and Reah is collecting them faster than Anita Blake minus the orgies. As always the story pulls together and the ending is full of action and cliffhangers. The big bad is still the RaAk creatures that infect and eat humans. The list of characters is getting longer and it took a few chapters to remember them all especially when they have two or three names. As frustrating as the storyline gets at times I still can't wait til the next release, so she can heal some more planets and cook everyone gourmet meals.