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Lord's Fall (Elder Races, #5)

Lord's Fall (Elder Races, #5) - Thea Harrison Rating: ★★★★1/2

Awesome!! This edition of the Elder series focused back on the characters of the first book in the series, Dragos and Pia. I am going to try to do this review with the characters name omitted intentionally as not to spoil it for anyone that has not yet started this series. And if its on your list, it might be time to bump it up...

Dragos and Pia are separated for the first time since their mating which is tough enough, but throw some cranky elves in the mix that HATE Dragos and several hundred wyr that descend into NYC to compete for Dragos' team of elite sentinels and you have an adventurous story that brings this couple back to the forefront.

Several hundred wyr enter the competition for positions of sentinel including the remaining guard. This proves that they are still the baddest even though they have held these positions for thousands of years at Dragos' side. He's just a little grumpy with losing two of his guard including his first and navigating his new partnership with Pia, learning to compromise not just command. Pia opted to leave during the week long tournament because she didn't really want to witness the violence towards the guards she cares for.

Pia heads back to the Carolina's to meet with the eleven Lord to see if she can get the ban on wyr goods lifted. This is having a significant impact on Celebros, Dragos' corporation. Pia's mother was embraced by the elves when in hiding for years and that extends to Pia. Pia also has a new group of guards with her that resent having to babysit her instead of attending the NY games and also not knowing what her wyr form is. While there, an elven battle breaks out between another group of elves that has kept it self separate for hundreds of years in the Other.

When Dragos can't reach Pia in their dream spell, let's just say crazy dragon mate goes just a little nuts.... A few stories back there was an ominous prediction spoken thru the oracle, well it looks like that time may come sooner than later which brings characters back as several races join forces to bring down a threat from the gods.