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Iced (Fever, #6; Dani O'Malley, #1)

Iced (Fever, #6; Dani O'Malley, #1) - Karen Marie Moning 3.5 stars.... It's great being back in KMM's Dublin. We get to spend most of our time in Dani's head now, and she is still 14 and still hyped as ever. Her and Ryodan have kind of taken the place of Mac and Barrons. Ryodan is one of the 9 beast men we met in the fever series and Ryodan is one of the leaders who runs the club Chesters, which is a safe zone after the wall came down that separates fae and our world. He has taken an interest in Dani and trying to take care of her in an all "I am alpha" do as I say method. Well that doesn't go over with our little Dani "Mega" O'Malley so she spends a lot of the book proving that ain't no one going to "fecking" tell her what to do... Other players that surface are Christian MacKelter who due to his time in the silvers, eating the Unseelie that Mac gave him and the ritual his uncles & Barron's did in the fever series, he has almost completely turned into an Unseelie prince. He has also fixated on Ms. Dani as his love interest to a disturbing degree since he is in his mid 20's and he will be all "death by sex" fae soon (if not already), so there are just some very ewwww moments. Dancer is also front and center as he tries to help Dani in his special way to uncover the new big bad that is destroying her Dublin. That big bad is a mystery is identifying and stopping whatever is randomly "Icing" parts of Dublin. A few othe characters hop in with their POV, mainly a few of her sidhe seer sisters from the abbey who are still trying to keep Cruze captive in the basement. He's not making that too easy.

Overall I liked the book. A lot of Dani in the beginning gets a little much so I needed a few rests. Ryodan is really a strong character added to the mix too. I just can't see where his relationship with Dani is going, not sure if its a future love interest paring or more of a fatherly need to take care of... Hmmm... It was nice to get a few additional POVs towards the end and seeing Dani thru the eyes of others. And of course we got a couple of KMM cliff hangers in the end. With all the build up and busy activity we get a pretty climatic end but for me all the build up just fell a little short.